Tuesday 22 April 2014

How to care for your long blonde hair...

Now, this post isn't just aimed at blonde's its tips and tricks for all hair types, however I have included a few hair products that I use to keep my hair bright...

Naturally my hair is mousy brown, straight and fairly thin. For many years now I've always had my hair highlighted different shades of blonde, keeping it fairly light. A disadvantage to this means that roots soon make an appearence just weeks after having it done. As bad as this sounds, using something like dry shampoo to cover roots can really work, so long as its done right! Some of you are proabably thinking I'm crazy but I'm not the only blonde too do this, they even do coloured dry shampoo's now. Baby powder works in exactly the same method but dont make the mistake I once did and chuck a handfull directly onto your scalp without blending it in. 

Another product that I use to keep my hair bright is Lee Stafford's "Sun KiSSSED Lightening SPRaY" (Don't ask, that's literally how it's spelt on the bottle!?) Anyway it's really easy to use and also is designed for all hair shades. It contains peroxide so I never use it more than once a week, just incase I did ruin my highlights. The spray is £7.99 in Boots, however I managed to get this on a 3 for 2 offer, makes it much more worthwhile! 

Recently, after years of trying to grow my hair super long, I gave up hope and decided to purchase some extensions. Admittedly I had previously sworn I would never get extensions again after throwing my awful £10 pair away! (back from my secondary school days). However a few people mentioned to me about Tantrum Hair in Guilford and I decided also to give their extensions a go...

I decided to purchase 20 inch clip ins which were £60, a reasonable price for the amount of hair you get. At Tantrum they colour match your hair there and then and can also fit and style your extensions for £25. The staff are really friendly and helpful and my colour match was spot on. The clips are really easy to put in! If you have quite thin hair like me then remember to back comb or add volume to your natural hair so that its not obvious your wearing extensions. The only thing I would say about my extensions is the length, at the time I thought 18" wouldn't be that long, however I think if your looking to get extensions for the first time, it's proabably the perfect length.
The key thing to keeping your extensions nice is maintenance, this is down to you and will depend on how long your extensions last...
  1. Brush: Always brush your extension. Use a soft bristle brush to get rid of tangles. Be gentle so that you don't damage them
  2. Wash: Just like your natural hair, your extensions will need to be washed. Use shampoo, conditioner and warm water to clean and recover the extensions.
  3. Don't over do it with products!
  4. Always try to let extensions dry naturally. Heat is very damaging for extensions as it is with natural hair so try to avoid using it whenever possible. 


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