Friday 7 November 2014

Gymbox, Train Like An Olympian - Class Review!

Hello everyone, hope you're doing ok and have had a great week...

Today I wanted to share a bit about my trip to Gymbox in Bank last week. For those of you who don't know, Gymbox is what I would describe as the future of Gym's, taking workout's very seriously yet making sweating fun and entertaining. It's like no other gym, what makes it so different is it's impressive interiors, unusual classes and even live DJ's, just to motivate you that little bit more.

So when I got in contact with Gymbox, I was delighted when they told me I could review a class for them. There were so many I wanted to try including Tone and Twerk, Rave and Gymbox Pole Dance. However I was chosen to do "Train Like an Olympian" - admittedly this isn't a class I would have normally picked for myself, especially as its been a while since i'd been to gym and I wasn't feeling psychically fit! Honestly, I felt a bit nervous before the class but at the same time, determined! I didn't quite know what to expect but had prepared myself for a hardcore workout...

Photo credit: Viktoria Erlacher

So, how did it go? Well,I survived the class and really enjoyed it! I knew it wasn't going to be easy for me but a workout isn't really a workout if you don't push yourself. Fitness instructor Hendrick, also known as Superman, did a fantastic job at keeping us motivated throughout the class! It was a great environment with loud music and a class full of determined people. No one wanted to give up and I think this really helped me to keep going. The class consisted of many Push Ups, Squats, Burpees, Planks etc. Often there would be a fixed routine which we would repeat over, giving us a chance to pick up rhythm and definitely start to sweat. The class lasted around 45 minutes in total and afterwards I felt that I had worked every muscle in my body. 

 This class was just what I needed to push myself back towards getting fit and healthy again. If I can do it then I'm sure anyone can and I would say it's definitely worth giving it a go. Gymbox have gyms all across London, I'm just hoping they expand into Surrey as it's honestly such a great place to go! 

Go and take a look at the Gymbox website, even just to look at their amazing list of classes, I'm sure you'll want to try at least one! Click here  

Hope you've all enjoyed reading this post. I will be sharing my fitness journey on the blog as I'm now determined to get back into shape! I'd love to hear your fitness stories, also let me know if you've recently visited a Gymbox! Comment below or tweet me @AmyClaireBlaker 

Amy xo 


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  1. sound great! i've always want to check this gym out every time i go past it but my mind is always pre -occupied with other things sigh*


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