Friday 20 March 2015


Good Morning and Happy Friday!
Hope everyone is well. On Tuesday I was lucky enough to visit the Richard Ward Salon in Chelsea for a pampering session. The salon itself is absolutely amazing, with many individual rooms specialising in cut, cleanse, colour and styling along with a spa and a waiting area with bar, it's amazing!  
   My hair is naturally a mousy brown, as you can probably tell from my roots and it's also very flat. I had a slight side fringe, which most often just hangs over my face and I'm never too sure how to style it either. So whilst at Richard Ward, stylist Matt suggested a full fringe, giving me a new look. 

I love trying new styles and have had a full fringe before so was more than happy to give it a go. As you can also see, Richard Ward do a range of products, including the Chelsea collection and the Anti-Ageing Argon products which are really unique. These products are currently available at Waitrose and I would definitely recommend giving them a go so you can achieve salon styles at home! 

These are a couple of the newest products which I had a little look at whilst in the salon. Both products smell amazing and I was impressed with the texture of the dry shampoo. Previously I have used dry shampoo and it leaves a horrible feeling in your hair, almost like dust and not to mention the bright white colour of it, this one didn't have that so this would be something i'd be keen to try out again. 
The products used on my hair were from the Chelsea collection, including the restore shampoo and conditioner, which left my hair feeling great even just after one wash.  
The Spritz was the perfect finishing touch giving my hair volume and shine, along with that gorgeous smell that goes with all Richard Ward products. 

I was so impressed with the final result. Matt created big loose curls by just using a hairdryer and a brush, something I don't think I'll ever have the patience or skill to do. I left the salon having had a fantastic experience and with bouncy, revived hair. 



  1. Beautiful! I love this look, and I have totally fringe envy!
    Mimi Flys

  2. Absolutely gorgeous - both you and your hair. You really pull of the full fringe well - lucky you.
    Those products also sound amazing I've heard Keratin is also really good too, so thanks for sharing that they sell these in Waitrose, I'm always looking for new hair products and will see if I can get my hands on these! Great post, lovely.

    LL |


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