Sunday 17 May 2015


 Hey Lovelies, 

Hope everyone has had a great weekend! Today I wanted to share my current five favourite beauty products with you, featuring Rodial, Clarins, Dior & Make Up Revolution! I have been using these products daily as part of my make-up routine and have loved the results from all, hence why they're being featured in my favourites post! 

Now, I'm really not the best at doing my eyebrows but with this little kit, Make Up Revolution makes it so simple. This kit is in "Medium Dark" which I feel have the perfect colours for the look I want to achieve. It also comes with a wax to make your hairs appear more refined, a mini brush and even mini tweezers... all for £2.50!? You literally can't go wrong.  

This is now something I use every morning and evening, it smells amazing and leave my skin feeling so refreshed. The formula provides long lasting hydration and also includes SPF15, protecting your skin from any sun damage. I feel that by using this moisturiser daily it also helps me to achieve a dewy skin look when applying my make-up, as well as solving any issues I have with dry skin.  

Clarin's Foundation has been a favourite of mine for years, although I only recently made the switch to True Radiance. Previously I used Skin Illusion which gave a more Matt look. Lately I've loved the look of fresh dewy skin and feel that True Radiance helps me to achieve that perfectly! 

This is such a great lipstick which gives gorgeous colour whilst moisturising your lips, also giving them a slight shine. It's really long lasting, making it easy for everyday wear. I love the colour of Crush, a light brown/ red, as I find it's not too bright, meaning I can pop this on with whatever make up look I'm going for! 

This came in a mini set I was given as a gift so I decided to give this a try recently. I was really impressed with how long this made my lashes appear, I feel the shape of the brush really helps to create curled lashes. I will say however that this mascara seems to have dryed up quite quickly, whether that's my fault for leaving it a couple of months before trying I'm not sure. May consider investing in a full size mascara to see if the results are the same! 

I hope you've enjoyed reading today's post! 

Lots of Love
Amy xo


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