Sunday 7 June 2015


Hey Guys! 
Today I wanted to talk about the "Dove, Summer Glow" 
I've been using this product on and off for a good couple of years now and decided to start using it again just in time for summer. Honestly, I can't stand being pale and feel like everything looks so much better when you've got a nice glow. This lotion is great as it moisturises your skin but also tans at the same time. I also decided to buy the one with added shimmer as I like this look on my skin. I do think this is a great product for the price you pay, however I would recommend these tips (learnt by my own mistakes)...
1) Apply with a mitt:
I made the mistake of applying this without a mitt and for the next week, had very patchy orange hands, really not a good look and a bit of a giveaway too! 

2) Apply Carefully:
As this is a cream formula it's hard to tell where you've put it so just be careful with how much you apply. It normally starts to develop within a few hours. 

3) Layering it up:
This can be used almost like a daily moisturiser but again be warned if you apply loads everyday, there will come a time when this turns your colour very patchy, especially when using with other products and bathing / showering. Sometimes it's best to use a really good body scrub too get rid of it all and start over fresh! 

4) The smell: 
At first this does have a nice scent to it, however I find the more your colour develops so does the smell of the product. I can't explain the scent but i guess you could just say, that "fake tan" smell. This is one of the main reasons I go on and off this product! If it didn't have this odd developing scent i think it would be one of my favourite summer products! 

Hope this helps! Would love to know your thoughts on this product if you've tried it!?

lots of love
Amy xo 



  1. I like this product very much, although I can use it only twice a week, cause if I use it more then my elbows and knees become kind of orangey.=)

  2. I am definitely going to give this product a try! Great review :)


  3. I've used this and so have a couple of my family members and it does work! It leaves your skin super smooth and gives such a natural glow! xx

    Jasmine ||


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