Tuesday 24 November 2015


Hey Lovelies,

So this week is all about Black Friday, the crazy time which gives everyone the opportunity to snap up a bargain or even do the majority of their Christmas shopping in one day! To celebrate Black Friday, I was contacted by Boohoo and asked to put together an all black outfit, which suited me down to the ground. I love wearing black and think no matter how casual the outfit is, it still finds a way of making you looking chic, smart and stylish. 

For the outfit I wanted to go for something which I would usually wear everyday. For me I feel most comfortable wearing a nice pair of jeans and a top - these Boohoo super skinny ripped jeans are such a reasonable price at £15.00, I was so impressed as I normally pay at least double that for jeans. I decided to match the ripped jeans with a casual lace up long sleeve top and a pair of heeled peep toe ankle boots- just to give me a little bit of extra height! Of course with the colder weather now here I have added my everyday coat which I manage to pick up in Primark recently - no doubt you've seen it around. You can shop the look for yourself below...

Coat: Primark
Top: Boohoo
Jeans: Boohoo 
Shoes: Boohoo

I also just want to say a big thank you to my photographer Kathryn for helping me with this post.

What will you be buying on Black Friday? 

Lots of Love
Amy xo 


Monday 16 November 2015


Hey Guys!

Hope you're all well... I am going to warn you just before I get started on this post that it has actually turned into an overload of photos off myself - sorry I know.. haha but the reason being is I thought It would be the best way to show what each pair of these gorgeous lashes from Threads & Beauty really look like! 

So, I was contacted recently by Nicol PR, who told me all about an exciting new beauty launch for the brand Threads & Beauty. This was a brand I hadn't actually heard of before so was very keen to give the products a try... 

I have to admit I don't usually use an eyebrow pencil, instead I normally go for an eyebrow shadow palette and brush. So this was something different for me to try and I really loved how simple this makes doing my eyebrows - especially with the handy brush at the end of the pencil! I have found that by doing my eyebrows with this pencil has given me extra precision, whilst saving time in the mornings! 

When it came to trying the lashes, I was really impressed - great quality and really easy to apply. Each set comes with application instructions on the box and their own adhesive glue. When applying, I trimmed down my lashes very slightly, applied the glue to the lash strip, waited around 30 seconds and then popped them on using my fingers. I know some people find it so much easier with tweezers but normally will use them afterwards just to push the lashes closer to my natural lash line. 

The pair above, the 'Charleston' Lashes are probably my favourite of them all as they are so natural and comfortable, you can't even tell I'm wearing false lashes. I feel I could even get away with these everyday just to give my lashes more volume.  

Both the 'Emiloo' and 'Angel Eyes' lashes are more what I look to wear on a night out or to a big event etc. I was so surprised with the Angel Eye's pair as I did think they may look a bit too much on me, however I really love the look of them and will definitely be saving these for a night out soon. 

As you can also see the lash adhesive glue actually comes out as a bright blue colour - with other eyelashes I have ended up in such a mess doing this but with these lashes the glue goes onto the strip so easily with no fuss. Once stuck into place these lashes won't budge anytime soon, which is great as that is one of my main worries with false eyelashes - the risk that one could just fly off with a gust of wind! I would advise though, using make up remover / wipes to help ease them off after you've finished wearing them. 

Overall, I have loved all of the products I have tried from Threads & Beauty and I'm sure you'll soon see many more Selfie's of me wearing the lashes on my social media! If you want to give these a try for yourself then Threads & Beauty products are now available from Harvey Nichols. You can also find more information on their website below!

Twitter: @Threadsbeauty

Lots of Love,

Amy xo

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