Monday 12 December 2016


Office Party Outfit


Last week I had my Christmas party, so I decided to put together the outfit that I wore for the night. As this is the first Christmas party with my new company I didn't want to go to over the top and decided to play it safe in black- the colour I spend most of my life wearing. There's something about wearing black that just makes me feel so much better. The dress I found in Oasis during the Black Friday event with 20% off, which I think meant this was only around £36.00- the picture doesn't really do it much justice  but it's a shift dress with silver detail over the whole dress. I decided to go for platform shoes, my pair are very similar to the ones I have included just slightly higher- because of the platform however these shoes are surprisingly comfy considering the height. I did go for a black clutch bag, however I have to admit I don't own a Kate Spade, so this I picked out as my ideal bag I would have had with me on the night.

My Christmas party this year was at Madame Tussaud's, it was a really great night  with the whole company, drinks and selfies galore... and I didn't feel too underdressed or overdressed, making this a good go to party outfit! 

Lots of Love 

Amy xx

Tuesday 4 October 2016


Where does the time go? Today, I looked back over my neglected blog and realised my last post was June, how has the summer passed that quickly? Although if I think it over, a lot has happened and a lot has changed for me within the past few months...

When I look back at June, I think about the free time I had, how I could have written more posts, gone on holiday, explored.. done anything I wanted to really - I had just finished my degree and other than my part time job, I had nothing holding me back from whatever I wanted to do. It was a great feeling but also a feeling I have waited for for the duration of my degree. For me, I did things differently when it came to university, I stayed at home and went to a university 10 minutes away from my house, which meant that I really missed out on the whole uni experience altogether and for me my degree acted more as a countdown for when my life could really begin afterwards. I would love to see the world but I knew that travelling and backpacking wouldn't be for me and therefore finishing my degree was more about finding the perfect job and starting to build my career and future afterwards. 

For me, I feel my life has really started to come together over the past few months. I'm in a very happy and strong relationship and I also found the perfect job working in Events. I'm based close to my home address with a short commute to work and one of the perks of the job is that I will also travel the world - although in event terms, that actually means I'll see a lot of the inside of hotels and venue spaces in various countries but maybe not the outside world haha. When there's time though, there will be opportunities for me to stay on and explore the different areas I'm working in - members of the team have already been all over the world this year in places such as Dubai  Thailand, Europe, America... and I really can't wait to be working on events worldwide too. 

When it comes to my blog, I did really think it was time to give it up once I had my full time job. I have to admit I have been through a whole mix of emotions lately and although I love my job, I have found it a real challenge going almost straight from University into my career, especially as the job is very full on. Also part of me has started to miss using my creative side and thats when my boyfriend suggested getting out at the weekend just to snap some photography and test out my Canon SLR which hasn't been used in forever - so James took the photo's that I have used in the post above. It was fun to get out with the camera and it just made me realise that I still want to continuing blogging and posting whenever I can. For me, even if no one reads my posts, it's great to keep an online journal where I can look back at my achievements and life updates, or even if it's just a place for me to ramble on.. 


Monday 13 June 2016


As many of you will know I have highlighted blonde hair which is made up of a whole variety of different shades. I do try to leave it as long as possible before re-colouring my hair due to the overall expense of it all. As my roots grow out I have always resorted to the 'not so ideal' technique of covering my roots using layers of white dry shampoo - this does work with blonde hair but can leave the scalp with a dusty feel and looking very white which for me doesn't match the colour of my face. These Root Touch Up Kits from The Hair Experts are a great alternative to that technique for me. The kits are super easy to use and come with the powder, a little mirror and an application brush too, they are a perfect size just to keep in your make up bag too. I would say for me, because of the range of colours in my hair, it's quite nice to mix the two shades that I received. This product doesn't cover my roots completely but instead helps to lighten the appearance of my roots and blend them in with my highlighted hair, I would also say personally I have to use quite a lot of the product to cover my roots, but thats maybe because I haven't had my hair done in months haha! 

Overall I'm really liking this handy little kit and will be adding it too my everyday make up bag essentials. Have you tried any products like this before? Let me know...

Amy xo 


Sunday 12 June 2016


Image Source: Pinterest 

Okay, I think it's about time we mixed up the content on my blog a bit and as I haven't done a post like this before I've decided today I'll share my overall money saving tips as well as some deals of the week that I've picked up. I'm hoping to make a 'Deals of the Week' a regular post so I can share with you what I've picked up with a discount. Let's just clarify, I'm not tight but I do love a good saving and I admit 9 out of 10 times I buy something it normally has some sort of saving so I feel like I'm getting the best deal. Anyway lets crack on.. 

16-25 Railcard
I'm often catching trains for events in London so for me having a 16-25 railcard is super convenient and I think for me, it's the cheapest way to travel - thats while it lasts anyway as I'm not longer a student! I was really lucky however that I got a three year railcard for free when opening up a student account with Santander, so look out for these offers too if you're heading off to University this year. The railcard costs £30 for one year, however that then entitles you to 1/3 off your travel after 10am. For me this makes such a difference as my London travel card is normal £12.20 I think, yet for me it's £8.00 - believe me it all adds up. 

Keep your coupons!
I feel ridiculous saying this but you can get such good deals with coupons. So at the moment I currently have loads of Subway coupons, mist of which is like buy one get one free - not so great if you're eating alone but still if not go halves with a friend or whatever! Other Subway vouchers include getting a free 6 inch sub when you buy a drink, you can't really go wrong.

Boots is another place I really love to keep the vouchers from, and I've just had another whole load of offers sent through the post because of my Boots card. Offers include double point on your advantage card when buying in store, 150 points (£1.50) when spending over £15.00, extra points when buying certain items and more. All of these vouchers are available on the Boot's app too however and it does make it a bit easier, once their uploaded to your card you automatically collect the points on offers when spending in store. It's so worth it though as I've managed to treat myself to a few really nice things because of the advantage card and I currently have about £20.00 saved at the moment. 

Deals of the Week
Oasis Dress: £52.50
I went to Ladies Day last week and literally had a last minute panic the day before deciding I didn't like any of my dresses I already had. I whizzed to the shops for a bit of late night shopping and found this dress in Debenhams, normally £75.00, however Oasis are currently doing a special 30% off promotion on selected items so I got this for £52.50 - I did even ask if student discount was possible on top but no haha, don't ask you don't get though! This is such a great quality dress and fitted the occasion perfectly. Situations like this will also always confirm my belief in being last minute is sometimes the best way! 

Cocoa Brown, Golden Godess: £6.65
Superdrug currently have 1/3 off all bronzing products which makes this Golden Goddess Oil, normally £9.99 only £6.65. This was the perfect thing just to add a bit off shimmer over my fake tan and well worth a try. This offer is available online and in store and don't forget that with a Beauty card you can also collect points and as a student your entitled to a further 10% off your purchase - bargain! 

Johnson's Face Care Wipes: £1.49 
These are my absolute favourites and personally feel are the best make up wipes - I don't even really mind paying the normal price of £3.05 for these but they are currently only £1.49 in Superdrug so better than 2 for 1! Don't forget about the student discount and beauty card points! Oh and by the way, if you haven't tried these wipes, the purple ones have the nicest scent, I love it! 

I'm sure there's plenty of savings I have made this week which I haven't mentioned but I will begin to note this down so I can try and share them in a weekly post for you guys! Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments you best bargains, I'd love to hear them! 

Amy xo 


Monday 9 May 2016


I was really excited to try these Instant Effects products. I love products where you can see a result quickly, so you then know its working, sometimes you have to use things for quite a while to even see a slight difference but with instant effects this isn't the case. 

Instant Eye: I feel my eyes normally give away a lot, showing signs of tiredness with dark circles, so personally I feel it's really important to keep the eye area looking bright and fresh. The instant eye serum is something I use before applying my make up and also helps to stop my eyes looking so puffy. 

Instant Lip Plumper: This product is probably my favourite out of the three and have been after something like it for ages as I love the look of really full / plump lips. This product not only helps to add volume to the appearance of your lips but also add moisture at the same time. 

Instant Lash: I really have loved using this product, for me I feel it works well as a lash primer. The formula is a clear gel which I use to separate my lashes and give them a fuller look before applying mascara. The product does claim to help you lashes grow up to 20% longer and it's only really just clocked with me that it's this product that has made such a difference. I have to admit I've only used this a number of times - however I've been applying an old dried up mascara lately,(I'm in desperate need of a new one, I know) and I'm still loving the look of my lashes so I know it must be something else that has made them look so long. I actually believe this has made such a difference, I'm so impressed - will have to try and post a close up selfie online soon because my lashes haven't looked this good in ages!

Have you tried Instant Effects? 

Amy xo 


Thursday 7 April 2016


Aluminé Haircare has to be a new found favourite of mine! The Chinese Herbs products are the first i've tried from Aluminé and I have to say I'm really impressed.

 I have suffered with scalp problems since I was little and I've always had thin hair, most likely due to my scalp issues. Even up until last year I used to wash my hair every other day with normal shampoo and conditioner, every time it would leave my hair looking flat and lifeless. I've always wanted thick long hair, which is why i've tried numerous products, clip extensions and even micro-bond extensions, which I loved having but sadly it added up to a massive amount of money just being spent on my hair. 

 Aluminé haircare products I feel are the perfect, natural & vegan way of looking after your scalp and therefore helping to create thicker, healthier hair. I use the products around 2-3 times a week, with the serum sometimes more. It's such a simple routine with 3 products, the shampoo, conditioner & serum - and just incase you forget, the numbers are even on the front of the bottles of which order to use them in. The texture of the shampoo and conditioner is similar to others, however when massaged into the hair, rinsed and towel dried, (which is often my routine instead of blow drying) you can already feel the volume the product has created. I would definitely recommend these products if you are looking for thicker, healthier hair - also anyone with scalp problems, this is a must have as it has really helped me already! 

You can order your products by clicking >>here << 

and / or follow @christopherjpope for more information.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Let me know if you've tried any products from Aluminé before? 

Amy xo 


Wednesday 23 March 2016


So I'm really loving this months Look Fantastic box and not to mention that this box also comes with the latest copy of ELLE magazine, giving me the perfect excuse to pamper myself, reading my favourite magazine and trying out some new beauty products! What a great start to the weekend, aye!? 

Every month I'm always so pleased with the amazing products that Look Fantastic supplies within it's beauty boxes. I may not always post on the blog but a few of my fave products normally appear on my Twitter / Instagram. Within this months box we have a whole variety of goodies...


This is a really fresh and lightweight moisturiser which helps to reduce inflammation and redness, keeping skin nourished and protected. It's also suitable for all skin types and is best used in the face and neck after cleansing, giving your skin a chance to prepare for make up.


I was so excited to see this in the box this month as I've really wanted to try out new make up brushes. This gorgeous brush is designed to blend and buff shadow round the eye area, I haven't yet tried this but am excited to start using it. 


This balm is infused with Shea, Mango and Coconut butter leaving your lips feeling moisturised but also with a pop of colour at the same time. I have used this product before and loved it and am loving the colour I received in my box- '105, Demure Reservee'


This moisturising cream can be used from head to toe and works especially to get rid of dry areas. It has a subtle fragrance and is absorbed into the skin quickly so it doesn't leave you feeling oily. 


This has a really fresh and subtly scent and can be used to gently cleanse and remove make up from the eyes and face. The formula makes it simple for you to wipe away any impurities left on the skin. 


This product has got my name written on it, the amount of times I'm Ill throughout the year or feeling run down. I'm currently suffering with a cold at the moment so looking forward to trying these and seeing if they have any affect. These sachets create a super orange fizzy drink and it is advised for adults to have one of these a day. 


The mask is designed to leave skin feeling nourished and looking healthy. This also works to banish signs of dryness and damage and is suitable for all skin types.  

I'm excited to try out these products properly and any favourites of  mine i'm sure will appear on my Instagram or in another blog post. If you're subscribed to Look Fantastic, what was your favourite product?

If you're not... 


Monday 7 March 2016


Hey Guys,

Hope you've had a great start to the week! I wanted to share with you a new product I have recently been using, the Merumaya Gentle Exfoliating Toner. Before I started blogging I never really had a skincare routine and to be honest I never used to give it much thought but I now realise just how important it is to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. My skin endures a lot, putting on layers of make up, taking it off again, even sometimes not taking it off again.. oops! I'm often fairly lucky with the appearance of my skin however I do suffer from dry areas and feel I have visible pores, which is why it's important for me to use products like the Gentle Exfoliating Toner to really help my skin to look and be at its best...  

The Gentle Exfoliating Toner has a really fresh scent, which also leaves your skin feeling clean and revived. I have used this both morning and night and find it really helps to ensure, after cleansing, that your skin is completely clear from any impurities. Although its sometimes hard to see the benefits straight away from toners, I feel personally I have noticed a difference in the way in which my make up sits on my skin, having reduced the size of the pores on my skin. Also I have found that my darker areas on my skin, such as under the eye area, to appear as dark.

 Another great thing is that there's no complicated routine involved, which can sometimes put me off certain products. It really is an easy product to incorporate as part of your skincare routine and literally takes under a minute to sweep a cotton pad all over the face and neck with the toner, literally its as simple as that and your skin will reward you for it! I have really enjoyed using this product so far and will continue to do so as a luxury treat for my skin!

Have you tried any Merumaya products?

Lots of Love

Amy xo 


Thursday 11 February 2016


Hey Guys,

It's been a long time since I last posted, third year has really taken over but I'm back with a post especially for Valentines Day.

I have to say, this year will be my first single Valentines in a long time and seeing all the cards, chocolates and gifts arrive in shops and online, I couldn't help but feel slightly negative about it all. Social media doesn't always help in these situations either,  I know i'll spend a good part of the day scrolling through the 'Bae did good' Instagram posts or looking at couple selfies of those getting ready for 'Date Night'. Too much? OK so maybe a tiny bit jealous of those celebrating but thinking about all of this- Valentines Day shouldn't just be about couples, love and happiness of being with one another. Instead it should be about making ourselves happy and showing ourselves a bit of self love. Boohoo has managed to do exactly that changing, my opinion of Valentines completely, making it more about treating yourself. Obviously I think this is a fabulous idea and that we should consider Valentine's Day, especially if you're single, an excuse to make ourselves feel extra special! 

Within this post, I wanted to think about the things which really make me feel good. As well as the gorgeous underwear from Boohoo I have added just a couple of simple pleasures that make me really happy. Firstly, my favourite Lindor chocolates - which if you've tried them I shouldn't really have to explain just how good they are, right!? Secondly, if you know me well - or follow me on Twitter / Instagram you'll know I have a slight obsession with Lush Cosmetics.. so what better occasion than Valentines to get myself a limited edition bath bomb. The one I have included in this post is could 'Lover Lamp' and I haven't yet tried it. I'm sure i'll no doubt post a picture when I do decide to use it, which will more than likely be on Valentines evening, accompanied with a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, whilst watching back to back episodes of Pretty Little Liars. 

Before now, I didn't quite realise what an amazing selection of lingerie Boohoo had to offer and at such good prices. Bralettes have become such a popular trend at the moment and before these, I had never owned any. When I received the Black bralette and knickers I soon fell in love, the Bra looks really cool, it's also so comfy to wear and can I just add they are also only £12.00! For that reason I went straight online and ordered myself the same one in the white / cream colour, with next day delivery for £1.99 at the time (Another reason to love Boohoo). These Bra's are available in a whole range of styles and colours, and are the perfect gift for yourself and/ or your partner this Valentines! I have put links to the items shown in my photo's so you can shop this post!

Would love to know your are plans for Valentines Day and what are the things that make you feel good? 

Lots of Love 

Amy xo
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