Thursday 11 February 2016


Hey Guys,

It's been a long time since I last posted, third year has really taken over but I'm back with a post especially for Valentines Day.

I have to say, this year will be my first single Valentines in a long time and seeing all the cards, chocolates and gifts arrive in shops and online, I couldn't help but feel slightly negative about it all. Social media doesn't always help in these situations either,  I know i'll spend a good part of the day scrolling through the 'Bae did good' Instagram posts or looking at couple selfies of those getting ready for 'Date Night'. Too much? OK so maybe a tiny bit jealous of those celebrating but thinking about all of this- Valentines Day shouldn't just be about couples, love and happiness of being with one another. Instead it should be about making ourselves happy and showing ourselves a bit of self love. Boohoo has managed to do exactly that changing, my opinion of Valentines completely, making it more about treating yourself. Obviously I think this is a fabulous idea and that we should consider Valentine's Day, especially if you're single, an excuse to make ourselves feel extra special! 

Within this post, I wanted to think about the things which really make me feel good. As well as the gorgeous underwear from Boohoo I have added just a couple of simple pleasures that make me really happy. Firstly, my favourite Lindor chocolates - which if you've tried them I shouldn't really have to explain just how good they are, right!? Secondly, if you know me well - or follow me on Twitter / Instagram you'll know I have a slight obsession with Lush Cosmetics.. so what better occasion than Valentines to get myself a limited edition bath bomb. The one I have included in this post is could 'Lover Lamp' and I haven't yet tried it. I'm sure i'll no doubt post a picture when I do decide to use it, which will more than likely be on Valentines evening, accompanied with a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, whilst watching back to back episodes of Pretty Little Liars. 

Before now, I didn't quite realise what an amazing selection of lingerie Boohoo had to offer and at such good prices. Bralettes have become such a popular trend at the moment and before these, I had never owned any. When I received the Black bralette and knickers I soon fell in love, the Bra looks really cool, it's also so comfy to wear and can I just add they are also only £12.00! For that reason I went straight online and ordered myself the same one in the white / cream colour, with next day delivery for £1.99 at the time (Another reason to love Boohoo). These Bra's are available in a whole range of styles and colours, and are the perfect gift for yourself and/ or your partner this Valentines! I have put links to the items shown in my photo's so you can shop this post!

Would love to know your are plans for Valentines Day and what are the things that make you feel good? 

Lots of Love 

Amy xo
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