Monday 9 May 2016


I was really excited to try these Instant Effects products. I love products where you can see a result quickly, so you then know its working, sometimes you have to use things for quite a while to even see a slight difference but with instant effects this isn't the case. 

Instant Eye: I feel my eyes normally give away a lot, showing signs of tiredness with dark circles, so personally I feel it's really important to keep the eye area looking bright and fresh. The instant eye serum is something I use before applying my make up and also helps to stop my eyes looking so puffy. 

Instant Lip Plumper: This product is probably my favourite out of the three and have been after something like it for ages as I love the look of really full / plump lips. This product not only helps to add volume to the appearance of your lips but also add moisture at the same time. 

Instant Lash: I really have loved using this product, for me I feel it works well as a lash primer. The formula is a clear gel which I use to separate my lashes and give them a fuller look before applying mascara. The product does claim to help you lashes grow up to 20% longer and it's only really just clocked with me that it's this product that has made such a difference. I have to admit I've only used this a number of times - however I've been applying an old dried up mascara lately,(I'm in desperate need of a new one, I know) and I'm still loving the look of my lashes so I know it must be something else that has made them look so long. I actually believe this has made such a difference, I'm so impressed - will have to try and post a close up selfie online soon because my lashes haven't looked this good in ages!

Have you tried Instant Effects? 

Amy xo 

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