Monday 13 June 2016


As many of you will know I have highlighted blonde hair which is made up of a whole variety of different shades. I do try to leave it as long as possible before re-colouring my hair due to the overall expense of it all. As my roots grow out I have always resorted to the 'not so ideal' technique of covering my roots using layers of white dry shampoo - this does work with blonde hair but can leave the scalp with a dusty feel and looking very white which for me doesn't match the colour of my face. These Root Touch Up Kits from The Hair Experts are a great alternative to that technique for me. The kits are super easy to use and come with the powder, a little mirror and an application brush too, they are a perfect size just to keep in your make up bag too. I would say for me, because of the range of colours in my hair, it's quite nice to mix the two shades that I received. This product doesn't cover my roots completely but instead helps to lighten the appearance of my roots and blend them in with my highlighted hair, I would also say personally I have to use quite a lot of the product to cover my roots, but thats maybe because I haven't had my hair done in months haha! 

Overall I'm really liking this handy little kit and will be adding it too my everyday make up bag essentials. Have you tried any products like this before? Let me know...

Amy xo 


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