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Okay, I think it's about time we mixed up the content on my blog a bit and as I haven't done a post like this before I've decided today I'll share my overall money saving tips as well as some deals of the week that I've picked up. I'm hoping to make a 'Deals of the Week' a regular post so I can share with you what I've picked up with a discount. Let's just clarify, I'm not tight but I do love a good saving and I admit 9 out of 10 times I buy something it normally has some sort of saving so I feel like I'm getting the best deal. Anyway lets crack on.. 

16-25 Railcard
I'm often catching trains for events in London so for me having a 16-25 railcard is super convenient and I think for me, it's the cheapest way to travel - thats while it lasts anyway as I'm not longer a student! I was really lucky however that I got a three year railcard for free when opening up a student account with Santander, so look out for these offers too if you're heading off to University this year. The railcard costs £30 for one year, however that then entitles you to 1/3 off your travel after 10am. For me this makes such a difference as my London travel card is normal £12.20 I think, yet for me it's £8.00 - believe me it all adds up. 

Keep your coupons!
I feel ridiculous saying this but you can get such good deals with coupons. So at the moment I currently have loads of Subway coupons, mist of which is like buy one get one free - not so great if you're eating alone but still if not go halves with a friend or whatever! Other Subway vouchers include getting a free 6 inch sub when you buy a drink, you can't really go wrong.

Boots is another place I really love to keep the vouchers from, and I've just had another whole load of offers sent through the post because of my Boots card. Offers include double point on your advantage card when buying in store, 150 points (£1.50) when spending over £15.00, extra points when buying certain items and more. All of these vouchers are available on the Boot's app too however and it does make it a bit easier, once their uploaded to your card you automatically collect the points on offers when spending in store. It's so worth it though as I've managed to treat myself to a few really nice things because of the advantage card and I currently have about £20.00 saved at the moment. 

Deals of the Week
Oasis Dress: £52.50
I went to Ladies Day last week and literally had a last minute panic the day before deciding I didn't like any of my dresses I already had. I whizzed to the shops for a bit of late night shopping and found this dress in Debenhams, normally £75.00, however Oasis are currently doing a special 30% off promotion on selected items so I got this for £52.50 - I did even ask if student discount was possible on top but no haha, don't ask you don't get though! This is such a great quality dress and fitted the occasion perfectly. Situations like this will also always confirm my belief in being last minute is sometimes the best way! 

Cocoa Brown, Golden Godess: £6.65
Superdrug currently have 1/3 off all bronzing products which makes this Golden Goddess Oil, normally £9.99 only £6.65. This was the perfect thing just to add a bit off shimmer over my fake tan and well worth a try. This offer is available online and in store and don't forget that with a Beauty card you can also collect points and as a student your entitled to a further 10% off your purchase - bargain! 

Johnson's Face Care Wipes: £1.49 
These are my absolute favourites and personally feel are the best make up wipes - I don't even really mind paying the normal price of £3.05 for these but they are currently only £1.49 in Superdrug so better than 2 for 1! Don't forget about the student discount and beauty card points! Oh and by the way, if you haven't tried these wipes, the purple ones have the nicest scent, I love it! 

I'm sure there's plenty of savings I have made this week which I haven't mentioned but I will begin to note this down so I can try and share them in a weekly post for you guys! Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments you best bargains, I'd love to hear them! 

Amy xo 


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