Tuesday 4 October 2016


Where does the time go? Today, I looked back over my neglected blog and realised my last post was June, how has the summer passed that quickly? Although if I think it over, a lot has happened and a lot has changed for me within the past few months...

When I look back at June, I think about the free time I had, how I could have written more posts, gone on holiday, explored.. done anything I wanted to really - I had just finished my degree and other than my part time job, I had nothing holding me back from whatever I wanted to do. It was a great feeling but also a feeling I have waited for for the duration of my degree. For me, I did things differently when it came to university, I stayed at home and went to a university 10 minutes away from my house, which meant that I really missed out on the whole uni experience altogether and for me my degree acted more as a countdown for when my life could really begin afterwards. I would love to see the world but I knew that travelling and backpacking wouldn't be for me and therefore finishing my degree was more about finding the perfect job and starting to build my career and future afterwards. 

For me, I feel my life has really started to come together over the past few months. I'm in a very happy and strong relationship and I also found the perfect job working in Events. I'm based close to my home address with a short commute to work and one of the perks of the job is that I will also travel the world - although in event terms, that actually means I'll see a lot of the inside of hotels and venue spaces in various countries but maybe not the outside world haha. When there's time though, there will be opportunities for me to stay on and explore the different areas I'm working in - members of the team have already been all over the world this year in places such as Dubai  Thailand, Europe, America... and I really can't wait to be working on events worldwide too. 

When it comes to my blog, I did really think it was time to give it up once I had my full time job. I have to admit I have been through a whole mix of emotions lately and although I love my job, I have found it a real challenge going almost straight from University into my career, especially as the job is very full on. Also part of me has started to miss using my creative side and thats when my boyfriend suggested getting out at the weekend just to snap some photography and test out my Canon SLR which hasn't been used in forever - so James took the photo's that I have used in the post above. It was fun to get out with the camera and it just made me realise that I still want to continuing blogging and posting whenever I can. For me, even if no one reads my posts, it's great to keep an online journal where I can look back at my achievements and life updates, or even if it's just a place for me to ramble on.. 



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  2. I love that jumpsuit! Fab post :)

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  3. love these fields of lavender - so photogenic XD I love your jumpsuit, looks so comfy!

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