Tuesday 3 January 2017


As an early Christmas present, James booked a long weekend for me and him to stay in Edinburgh. We both haven't had a holiday this year and felt this would be the perfect mini break for us. 

We flew from Heathrow early Friday morning and the flight up there was so quick, I've actually had commutes into London that have taken longer. The timing of our flights meant that we had pretty much 4 full days we could spend in Edinburgh. James found us a perfect apartment where we actually ended up having two bedrooms, two bathrooms with a living area, kitchen and balcony - it was great and about a 10 minute walk from the castle. 

On the first day there we visited Edinburgh castle, which was really interesting and has some amazing views.

 On our first evening in Edinburgh we had dinner at Zizzi's which was just across from our apartment. The food was delicious and it was nice for us both to enjoy some drinks too. 

 We did so much walking whilst we were in Edinburgh that our average daily steps was around 20,000. This really helped to cancel out all of the calories we were consuming from the cafe's and christmas market food stalls. 

  We found a cat cafe called Maison de Moggy, not too far from our apartment and got up early one morning in the hopes of getting in. We were completely unaware that so many people had already pre-booked this experience but were still lucky enough to get in as two people had dropped our that morning. You are given a one hour time slot but this soon flies by, the cafe also offer cakes and coffees whilst you sit and play with all the cats. It sounds like a weird experience as i'm writing this but it was really fun and I'm glad we managed to get in. 
 We did eat a lot of rubbish whilst we were away so one night we decided to get some 'healthy-ish' ingredients and make use of the kitchen we had in our apartment. 
 Coffee and Cake before our mountain climb up to the top for Arthurs Seat. 

The views from Arthur's Seat were incredible! 

At the bottom I said that it didn't really look that difficult to climb, halfway up and I can tell you that it was, especially as I'm so unfit at the moment. It was super windy as well but we did manage to FaceTime my family from the top and show them the views from where we were standing. 

Getting back down was worse than climbing up, the whole experience was pretty funny and terrifying at the same time because I really don't like heights. It was really steep so I spent most of my time sliding myself down this mountain on my bum. 

We had a really amazing few days in Edinburgh and would definitely love to go back. We had many suggestions of places to go from comments on my Instagram photos so that gave us a list to work through.

The places we visited / things we did were:

-Edinburgh Castle 
-Underground Ghost Walk
-Arthur's Seat
-Lights Festival 
-Christmas Market 
-Harvey Nichols Chocolate Lounge 
-Mary's Milk Bar 

Lots of Love 
Amy xo


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