Monday 6 February 2017


As part of my New Year, New Goals post I wrote about how I'm currently really unhappy with my weight and wanted to do something about it this year. I felt this was the perfect time to give something new a try and so I decided to join Slimming World the first week of January. I had heard really good things about Slimming World already and after speaking with my Cousin Jade about it in more detail over Christmas I was really eager to get started. Jade started Slimming World back in the summer and since has lost well over a stone. 

The Slimming World meetings weren't as I imagined them to be, I have to admit I did have expectations of Little Britain style Fat Fighters club, all sat round in a circle with a whiteboard in the middle..  thankfully it's not quite like that and staying for the group includes congratulating everyone's achievement and discussing helpful tips and recipes.

I've only been on Slimming World for a few of weeks and already it's made me realise so many simple errors I was making that caused me to put on weight. Things like having a takeaway coffee contain so much sugar but I have to admit it was a bit of an addiction of mine. 

It's important to try and have speedy food with every meal, sometime this can be hard but luckily for me I love vegetables. I do find it hard to eat out places sometimes as a lot of things are cooked in oil, contain sauces which contain 'Syns.' Me and James recently went to Giraffe where I think I've managed to find an almost Syn free meal - the Spicy Rice Bowl! This was so yummy too! 

I'm still fairly new to my Slimming World journey as I mentioned but I've set myself a target to lose at least a stone. If you've got any tips, recipes or blog posts on Slimming World I would love to take a look. 

Lots of Love
Amy xo 

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  1. If you haven't yet encountered them Two Chubby Cubs bring a fresh and slightly riskee approach to to Slimming World, they have a great take on it and I must admit some of their recipies are very enjoyable - but the blog is hilarious


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