Saturday 16 September 2017


This post is something I began to draft several months ago, back when at work we were focusing on 'Sleep Month' - I wanted to re-visit it as I have started to get out of some of the good habits I developed. 

I wouldn't say I've ever really struggled with getting to sleep, however earlier this year I decided to focus a lot more on winding down, going to sleep at a sensible time and attempting to get 8 hours in a night. I did this by winding down an hour before when I wanted to sleep and that meant no phone, laptop or TV to give my mind a chance to really switch off. This really worked for me and at the time I found myself feeling much more refreshed. My aim is to get back into these habits again as the days begin to get shorter for the winter... and with starting a new job in London - exciting! 

I do still find it fairly easy to get to sleep at night but am waking up throughout the night a lot more often. By changing some of my habits again I want to see if this helps to make a difference. 

My tops tips that help me sleep are: 

  • Wind Down: Allow time to relax and switch off before going to bed, I found that listening to calming / relaxing music really helped with this. As the winter months approach, another thing I love to do is light loads of candles, whether thats in my room or around the bath, i just find them really calming. 
  • Bath Before Bed: This might not work for everyone but one thing I love is a really hot bath before bed, especially with a Lush bath bomb. This is the perfect chance to destress and leaves me feeling really tired afterwards. 
  • Develop a Nighttime Beauty Routine: I don't always have time to wind down with a full on beauty routine but when I do I like to have a bit of a pamper session, including using my favourite face wipes, followed by the Face Wash and Toner from Purelogical. I then use the night cream from Frezyderm and Lush's Dream Cream on my body. 
If you have any top tips for a better nights sleep, please feel free to share them with me... 


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