Saturday 29 September 2018


So, after much deliberation, Fifty Shades of Blonde is back!

I have to admit, I did regret changing the page late last year (to Basic Blogger) and didn't really stick to any new form of content strategy, so overall there had been no real purpose to changing the name at all. I was still being asked by many different people about what beauty and hair products I would recommend - and it was as I sat having my hair done at Rush Dorking that I thought, this would have made so much more sense reviewing this experience as 'Fifty-Shades of Blonde'. In the past I have had some brilliant opportunities to work with various beauty brands, so I've decided that will be one of the main focuses of my blog. I've never really had a set structure of when I post to my blog however and a lot of focus is now spent on posting content everyday over on my Instagram - be sure to follow me there @amyclaireblaker, if you're not already! 

Anyway, recently I've visited the Rush salon in Dorking a couple of times and wanted to share my experiences. Located on Dorking high street, the first time I visited I had a complimentary blow dry by the lovely Nicola. She used a couple of products to help give my hair volume and a glossy look. One being the 'Redken Rootful' root lifting spray, which did exactly that and made my hair appear thicker. The second product used was the Kerastase Aura Botanica 'Lait de Soie' which gives hair a silky lasting finish. 

For me the blow dry actually lasted a few days with my hair appearing thicker and feeling silky. Whilst in the salon I discussed with Nicola how I wanted to change the colour of my hair, as you can see from the photos I had dark roots. 

I decided I wanted to go lighter than I had before to get rid of the yellow tones, which meant bleaching my hair and also using a toner to achieve the desired colour. Beforehand with regards to colour I have had the same hairdresser for years and after a bad experience a couple of years ago where my hair ended up stripey brown - I didn't think I would go with a different hairdresser. 

My before & after below shows the colour change, also done by Nicola at Rush Dorking  - I am so pleased with the results, she did an amazing job! 

The salon also has a beautiful upstairs area, with perfect Selfie lighting for showing off your new look!

Overall, I am so so happy with the colour of my hair, however as expected since using bleach this has slightly changed the condition and feel of my hair. On a plus side, my hair definitely can hold curls better as before my hair was often too silky they would drop out but I am also just experimenting with new products that are keeping my hair in the best condition whilst holding the bright blonde colour. 


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